Flight Watcher FAQ's
How Can Flight Watcher Help You?

Get Notified with onetravel Flight Watcher to receive trip monitoring emails and SMS alerts!

Flight Delay Notifications While flights may get delayed from time to time, when you’re signed up for our Flight Watcher service, you’ll never be out of the loop. Simply provide Flight Watcher with your preferred method of communication and, should any complications arise with your flight, we can notify you via email or text message – no matter where you are.

Cancellation Notification Flight Watcher will instantly alert you any time your flight has been cancelled or diverted to another airport. What’s even better is that we’ll send an alert to your email address or your mobile phone. That means you can react instantly – even on the go.

Terminal and Gate Change Alert Arrival and departure gates are set up well before a flight ever prepares for takeoff. However, fluctuating air traffic patterns mean that this could change with very little notice. Fortunately, Flight Tracker will update you with up-to-the-minute alerts should any of your arrival or departure information change.

Online Check-In Link If you need to check in on the fly, but you aren’t near a computer or your terminal – we’ve got you covered. Flight Watcher will send you a pre-trip reminder email complete with a link where you can check in for your flight. Simply click the link using any internet-connected device and you’re ready to fly.

Airport Weather Information Flight Watcher tracks weather conditions on over 13,000 airports worldwide. That means that you’ll always have up to date, accurate information about your departure airport. So whether you need to pack for rain – or prepare for another flight altogether – Flight Watcher can help you prepare for anything.

What is Flight Watcher?

Flight Watcher is a service that scours thousands of global flights every day to keep you apprised of delays, cancellations, and more. We collect data from government agencies, airlines, airports, reservation systems and other sources to give you the most in-depth, accurate, up-to-the-minute information on your flight. Plus, we’ll send you updates right to your email address or mobile phone!

Can I schedule alerts to be delivered to my email address or mobile phone?

Absolutely. Simply fill out your preferred contact information and we can alert you no matter where you are.

How accurate is your information?

In the event of a delay or a cancellation – especially one due to inclement weather – we do our best to bring you only the most relevant and topical information. Our systems update every few minutes, meaning that our estimates are rarely off by more than a few minutes or so.

Can I track international flights?

We offer incredibly accurate flight tracking in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and more. While coverage may vary from location to location, we work constantly to update our data to give you more complete and more accurate information.

Can Flight Watcher provide me with arrival and departure gates?

While Flight Watcher can certainly give you information on arrival and departure gates, it’s recommended that you check back to verify this information regularly. Due to air traffic conditions, flights could change gates with very little notice.

Do you offer discounts for an infant or a child?

Most US domestic airlines do not offer a child’s discount and will charge full fare for children over 24 months of age. For International flights, child and infant fares vary depending on the airline.

If I sign up for text alerts, will I be charged for the incoming texts?

At no point will you ever be charged for any text alert coming in from Flight Watcher.

Flight Delay Notifications
If my flight is delayed, how will you contact me?

That’s entirely up to you. We understand that the day of your departure will be very busy, and chances are you won’t have a lot of time to check your flight status. Luckily, when you sign up for Flight Watcher, you’ll have the option of telling us the method of communication that’s most convenient for you – text alerts or email notifications.

Is your data accurate?

With everything that can impact a flight’s arrival time – be it weather, air traffic, or some other factor – nobody can promise 100% accuracy. However, we can tell you that we work with a comprehensive network of sources to refresh our systems every few minutes. For the most accurate reading, consider checking your status regularly. But with Flight Watcher, you’ll never be more than a few minutes behind.

Can you tell me more about why my flight was delayed?

Unfortunately, many of our sources of information don’t provide a reason why a flight was delayed. As a result, while we can give you a quick, accurate alert that your flight was delayed, at this time we cannot provide the reasoning behind it.

Cancellation Notification
I need to get on the next available flight. What should I do once I receive a cancellation notification?

Should you need to rebook your flight, or if you need to look for a quick alternative, simply contact us at 1-855-464-5126. This number will also be in the cancellation email you receive. Just give us a call and a representative will help you with your rebooking.

How can you be sure my flight was cancelled?

We constantly work with our network of sources, including direct airline feeds, the FAA ASDI data feed and others. We monitor all this information every day, and we’ll send it to you as soon as we hear about it.

Why was my flight cancelled?

Unfortunately, at this time Flight Watcher is not able to relay the reasoning for your flight’s cancellation. While we can get you fast, accurate data regarding your trip cancellation, our sources of information do not provide the reason why.

Terminal and Gate Change Notifications
How will I know that there’s been a terminal or gate change?

Just keep your phone or laptop handy! We’ll send all of your alerts to your preferred method of communication, which you are able to select when you sign up for Flight Watcher. Whenever there’s a gate or terminal change, we’ll either text or email you, depending on your preference.

Is your information up to date?

While it would be impossible to offer up-to-the-second information on your flight, we can offer you detailed info every few minutes. Of course, the best practice is to check in on your status if you’re feeling uncomfortable, but know that our information is never more than a few minutes out of sync.

I have a question on my gate or terminal change. Who can I contact?

Simply email us at feedback@onetravel.ca or call us at 1-855-464-5126 and we’ll do our best answer all of your questions.

Online Check-In Link / Airport Weather Information
What exactly is the online check-in link?

Many carriers allow you to check-in ahead of time, but several of them want you to be the one who tracks when you can or cannot check-in. With our Online Check-In link, we’ll notify you as soon as your flight is ready for check-in. It’s just that easy.

What’s the easiest way to find out about my airport’s weather conditions?

Flight Watcher will constantly monitor the weather conditions at your home airport. If you’re at any risk for a delay or a cancellation, we’ll let you know as soon as possible so you can prepare.

The weather doesn’t look so great outside, but I haven’t received any alerts. Should I be concerned?

If you haven’t heard from us, then you’re good to go. We send you the most up-to-date information the moment we have it. So unless you receive a text or email alert, your flight is on schedule.