Car FAQ's
I made a hotel/car reservation online. Do I get a confirmation voucher?

All online bookings of hotel and car rental services will generate a confirmation with the number assigned by the hotel or car rental company. We do not issue any vouchers to confirm this type of transaction.

How is the rate guaranteed?

Our rates are guaranteed in Canadian dollars. For most bookings, there is no requirement for a credit card number for holding the reservation, although, it is required at the time of pick-up. Only specialty vehicles may require a credit card guarantee or deposit.

What do I need in order to pick up a car?

Carry a printed copy of the online confirmation from This confirmation number from the car rental company is needed in addition to a valid driver's license and a major credit card. We do not recommend using debit cards to pay for car rentals. Some car rental companies may also require a good driving record as a prerequisite to rent a car, and they may check this at the time of rental, when the actual rental agreement is completed.

Is there a minimum age requirement to rent a car?

In Canada, most car rental companies require a minimum rental age of 25. There are exceptions, but the renter must pay a surcharge. For corporate travelers, renting a car for business, you can enter a Corporate Discount (CDP) number at the time of booking and your clients may not be subject to this minimum age restriction, depending corporate contract. In Europe, foreign driver's restrictions vary from country to country. Drivers need to be at least 18 in most countries and have a valid driver's license. Please check the official website of the rental company for the country your are traveling to. These sites generally have age restrictions posted, as well as information regarding seat belt laws and speed limits and International Driver’s Permits. These requirements can change often and MUST be verified before arriving at the rental car location.

Do I need an international driver permit?

It isn't required, but it can't hurt. It costs approximately C$20 to purchase an International Driver's Permit (IDP), which is simply a translation of a valid Canadian driver's license. This document can prevent problems for clients driving abroad, especially if they are driving in a country where they don't speak the language, or in a non-tourist area. I.D.P’s are generally required for countries that do not use the Roman or Latin Alphabet.

What is Car Rental Collision coverage?

Collision and comprehensive coverage for any damage that the car rental company will hold you liable for. Description of coverage

What is covered?

You are covered up to C$25,000 for damages to the car that the car rental company holds you liable for. Description of coverage

How do I file a claim?

Call Travel Guards toll free number 1-855-464-5126 and refer to product number 008484 P1 1/09. Description of coverage