Payments & Billings
Somebody from called me and left a message in my voice mail. Why are you contacting me by phone?

This means that we need to discuss with you regarding your credit card authorization, a credit card declined or a schedule change on your flights. Please refer to the "Contact Us" page for the appropriate department’s phone numbers.

My credit card has been charged twice for the same transaction, what do I need to do to get that corrected?

This happens sometimes... Please fax your credit card transaction details to 1-855-464-5126 and one of our billing reps will examine the charges and process a credit on your behalf. On average, it usually takes anywhere between two and four weeks to process your refund and reflect on your credit card statement.

Do you accept debit cards and personal checks?

We accept debit cards and credit cards online that are issued in the Canada and United States and have verifiable addresses. Checks of any type are not accepted... At the moment we accept only major Canadian and US Credit cards including:

– Visa
– Mastercard
– American Express
– Discover card

*Canadian credit card holders please remember currency conversion rates are in effect.

I would like to pay for my ticket using two different credit cards. Can I do that?

Yes, you may use two different credit cards when booking with one of our inside sales reps. However an additional service fee will be charged based on the dollar amount of the tickets.

Can we pay by cash or check? does not accept cash. We do accept all major credit cards.

American Express
Discover card

What credit cards do you accept?

For the purchase of any of our online travel services, we accept all major US and Canadian credit/debit cards, including

American Express
Discover card

*Canadian credit card holders please remember currency conversion rates are in effect.

How much time does it take for the refunds to reflect on my credit card?

The time to process a refund varies depending on the nature of the claim and the respective airlines policy. The amount should reflect on your bank/card statement within 6-12 weeks from the date of applying, at times it could take longer.

What are your payment rules and requirements?

All Airfares are immediate purchase. Tickets will not be issued until payment is authorized by the credit card company. Please note reserves the right to delay issuance and/or release of any travel documents until full payment is secured.

What are the credit card payment terms? reserves the right to deny travel purchase to or from high risk destinations.
All credit cards must have verifiable billing.
Address a billing phone number.
Third party credit cards may require additional authorization information.
Any issue with the Credit card, we will notify you via email within 24hrs.
Fares not guaranteed until a valid form of payment is authorized.
You are liable for any and all credit card payments disputes or other problems such as Fraud made to us or the supplier on behalf of your client. You agree to reimburse is cases of Fraud or Charge backs.
Credit cards with US or Canadian Billing addresses will only be accepted. We do not accept other foreign credit Cards.
Service fees are non-refundable.
You have read the rules and terms of the agreement.

Do you accept third party credit card payments?

Yes, we do accept 3rd party credit card payments. However, they may require additional verification and authorization. If paper tickets are mandatory they will be shipped to the billing address.

How can I get a refund?

Most discounted airline tickets are Non refundable. Although Non-Refundable tickets are the most economic ticket, they are also the most restrictive and do not allow the option for either refund or issuance of a travel voucher. These restrictions make it possible to continue to offer special sale fares in addition to our existing deeply discounted airfares.

Please note, refund restrictions are documented on our website. One must agree to these terms and conditions prior to booking any reservation by selecting "Yes" to our contract agreement. Once you decide to cancel a reservation, you are subject to the terms of the cancellation, as stated in our terms and conditions.

What kind of help can I get from the billing department?

The billing department will be happy to help you answer many questions concerning, multiple charges on your credit card, refund inquire and understanding the charges on your credit card statement.

You may be asked to fax a copy of your credit card statement to 1-855-464-5126

Why do I have to fax copy of my credit card statement?

This enables us to review the charges on your statement and to make sure there are no duplicate charges. It also will expedite the process of answering your questions and refunds when necessary.

What will my credit card charge appear as on my statement on an exclusive fare booking? How will my credit card charges appear on my statement?

You may see multiple charges which include the airlines charges, our service fees which will display as “airline service fees and taxes” and the insurance charge. Depending on the number of airlines in your reservation or passengers you may see a charge for each airline and each passenger. However, the total will reflect the amount of the original quote.

Why does it take longer to refund to my debit card?

A debit card is an unsecured loan against your checking account. Once we have submitted a refund to you, it’s up to your bank and their policies as to long it will take to reflect back to your checking account.

Can I use a Pre-paid credit card for my purchase?

Yes, you may use a pre-paid credit card for your airline tickets. Keep in mind if any refund is applicable it may take up to 8-16 weeks to reflect back on your credit card.