Travel Alert – United States: Minneapolis/St. Paul Weather Advisory for February 03-04, 2019

Due to inclement weather and Air Traffic Control restrictions, customers traveling to, from, and/or via Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN on February 03-04, 2019​ may experience flight delays, diversions, and/or flight cancellations.
Passengers traveling to, from, and/or have a connecting flight through Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN (MSP) are requested to re-confirm their flights directly with the airlines prior to departure.
If you need to change your flight: Some airlines have announced flexible policies for customers wishing to change their reservations. Please use the below link to review their individual policies or to check your current flight status:
Delta Air Lines KLM

Travel Alert – California Pacific Airlines: Ceased Operations from January 31, 2019

Due to the impact from a nationwide pilot shortage, California Pacific Airlines has been forced to suspended all their flight services, tickets sales, and has ceased its operations indefinitely.
Customers holding a California Pacific Airlines ticket: Your booking has been cancelled. At this time, do not go to the airport as there will be no California Pacific Airlines staff to assist you.
For updated information, please review the below link:
California Pacific Airlines

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